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a round of applause for arsenal though


there’s some hate for him now but come on look what he’s done
  • no communication to get help from the team or the league
  • totally outnumbered
  • relying only on his training 
  • running out of battery
  • taking down guards to use their weapons against them
  • remembering to go back for the teams gadgets like Cassie’s lasso, and Rob’s utility belt
  • freeing mongual to distract black beetle (that was really clever come on)

honestly, I just can’t get over that scene in true colours where he blows up something cause he likes making Lex miserable. totally ruined the covert part of the mission, but for an oh so good reason. XD

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The most beautiful sight I have ever seen… if only it could be repaired. *sigh*

what i always wondered was if they have the infinity gauntlet with all the gems, then why don’t they just use the reality gem to restore the bifrost? -.-

i mean, it would sort of be a cop-out story wise from a viewers stand point, but if you think about it in the reality of that universe, how could you not take advantage of possessing the gem for dire purposes like this? cause without the bifrost it would take odin summoning a lot of energy just to send one person to another realm let alone multiple people.





1000+ homestucks and a website crash! Awesome job everybody!

1000 plus is pretty awesome considering I didnt expect anyone to use the map.

Remember guys Even if you live in a place where a kid does please dont use their full name. We want to avoid that. I will admit i’ve deleted that HUSSIE marker too please by some miracle he participates I want him to be the one to add himself and im assuming he wasnt the one who put it there [sorry]

Keep the signal boost going so we can get ALL the homestucks. ALL OF THEM!

Why not sign up for this and find some new friends? It turns out there’s a couple people where I live that I don’t already know!

Guys. Guys. You should do this. My marker is lonely. :(

okay, totes did this. it’s so awesome. i can’t wait to see other homestucks nearby other than the ones i already know. super cool. i encourage everyone to do this! :D




Trolls and Kids MBTI chart!! :D
Take the test here! To find out your type!

This pony MBTI chart for the layout and inspiration
This site for the types descriptions
And Mintly for helping me along the way! 

Feel free to reblog with your type, and what character shares it! C:
I’m an INTJ, so Rose for me. <3 

i’m an infp

i. hm.


INFJ. im freaking tavros. it’s not bad enough that i share a sign with him but now i have to has this too. =___= the description i got said ‘complex personality’. tavros isn’t very complex. i am sorry but tavros is like one of my least favourite characters and this is sort of making me rage cause i am nothing like him… >:/

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